How to Use Facebook Like Ads to Grow Your Fan Page and Business

There is no time of the day when people will not visit their Facebook page. At least, if given a chance a sneak at Facebook will always happen. From all walks of life, every individual seems to have Facebook profile. Billions of consumers are now using Facebook to connect with their favorite brands. As a Native American business owner, it is very important to learn how to take advantage of Facebook Like Ads in order to help your businesses grow and reach these potential new customers. One must understand on how to reach the correct audiences that have an interest to your products and in the long run make these people as your primary customers. In order to promote your business using Facebook it is very important for you or your page manager to know how to setup and use Facebook Like Ads.

There are two main options in creating Like ads, first is the “Get More Likes” option which is available for smaller pages that are still new which is comprise of hundred likes. The other option is Build Audience which is made for larger and older pages.

Get More LikesLets start by first going to the Facebook page that you want to run a “Like Ad”.

Once you are there then look for the option “Get More Likes” or “Build Audience” in the admin panel above your cover photo.

Now lets choose your budget. The budget will dependent to your page size. This is what you are going to spend each day in order to promote your page. After you have decided on a budget, click “Promote Page”.

The final step is to analyze your ad summary. Once you have completed all the steps, you can kick back and wait for new likes to pour in from different people across the globe. After this, you can start engaging with them and make them your valuable customers.

This process will keep you above your competitors. One of the biggest advantages of promoting a Fan Page is that it is the easiest way to set up your advertisements for your business. Once you already have this fan page you will experience and instant stardom. You will be exposed to thousands of fans that may like your page. So, what are you waiting for? Now, is the high time for you to set up your Facebook Like Ads in order for people to know more about your Fan Page and your Business.