Native American Small Business Resources

Are you a Native American entrepreneur looking for small business opportunities?  There are several organizations who are dedicated to helping Native American small business owners with start up, growth and expansion. The following list of small business resources can help educate and initiate new business opportunities. Contact them today!


1) Business Administration Office of Native American Affairs (ONAA)

The Office of Native American Affairs ensures that American Indians, Native Alaskans and Native Hawaiians seeking to create, develop and expand small businesses have full access to the necessary business development and expansion tools available through the Agency’s entrepreneurial development, lending and procurement programs.

2) National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED)

The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED) is the largest and longest standing American Indian economic and business development organization in the nation.

3) American Indian Business Leaders (AIBL)

AIBL is the only American Indian non-profit organization solely dedicated to empowering business students in the United States. With programs designed for students with activities that  enhance and expand educational experiences beyond traditional academic methods.


ONABEN is the premier innovator and content provider of culturally specific and appropriate strategies for Native American small business development.

5) National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development

NCAIED is a non-profit American Indian economic and business development organization.

6) UIDA Business Services

UIDA Business Services (UBS) is a Native American Procurement Technical Assistance Center solely dedicated to developing Native American economic self-sufficiency through business ownership.

7) Native Workplace

Their primary goal is to educate the community on “Green Collar” careers in renewable energy, to develop an American Indian and Veteran workforce for renewable industries, and to provide the workforce with consistent follow-up support.

8) First nations Development Institute

First Nations Development Institute helps to improve economic conditions for Native Americans through technical assistance & training, advocacy & policy, and direct financial grants.

9) Native American Finance Officers Association

NAFOA is a non-profit organization providing leadership for the advancement of American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

10) Small Business Administration – Small Business Learning Center

Native American Small Business Primer: Strategies for Success is a free, self-paced online business course developed for Native American business owners. The course provides an overview of basic business principles and makes them aware of the programs and services available from the U.S. Small Business Administration.