We will ensure quality content is published consistently…keeping your website fresh and active and ensure Tribal members, community and potential customers are engaged with your website and social profiles.

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Social media is an incredibly effective way to gain more traffic and generate new leads.
Using the right tools makes reaching your social media goals possible and we’ve provided you with one of the best for free!
So what does it do?

It finds relevant content including videos, news, trending content all of which can be posted with the click of a button.

It creates incredible image posts without any photo editing experience.

It saves time by having all social media in one place with the ability to schedule posts across multiple platforms.

It measures all campaign performance to help you get more traffic and generate new leads.
It’s amazing and its free!

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We will monitor and analyze key performance indicators and provide results and recommendations for improvement and new ideas.

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We will collaborate and engage with department staff and website committees on online best practices and ways to provide additional promotion of services, Tribal events, membership feed back and more.

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The Right Tools For The Right Solution. Every Time.

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We’re Native Owned.

We are 100% Native owned, woman owned and we understand the need for cultural sensitivity, honor and respect in all of our work.

We Deliver Personalized Service.

We love to sit down and work with our clients one on one. There is no substitute to sitting at the table with someone.

We’re Local. We’re Green.

Our office is located in Southwestern Oregon. We operate 100% off-the-grid using solar, wind & hydro power to supply our electrical needs.

The Right Tools To Help Your Business Excel

We use the worlds most stable CRM platform to ensure long term usability. You and your staff will feel comfortable make updates and adding content.

Technology is moving at the speed of light, we help you navigate the latest trends and keep you up to date.

Security and safety are top priority when it comes to digital documents, history and culture. We research and implement the latest technology to secure your data

Technology is moving at the speed of light, we help you navigate the latest trends and keep you up to date.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

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