If you are a Native American and you need funding to start a new business, you are not far from getting financial grants and aids to initiate new business opportunities. Government puts aside billions of dollars in form of grants and financial aids to support Native American businesses. The funds might include starting a new business, building new societies, homes and even going to college. Check out grants for new business opportunities if you are willing to prove yourself as a new entrepreneur.

There are several different grants for Native Americans which help them starting a new business or working hard to expand their small businesses. Typically such types of grants need verification that you are a Native American and eligible to avail them. There are several companies which support grants for business site constructions and business expansion. Www.Grants.gov is great place to start for grant applications and search criteria to apply. Find out what kind of information you must include in your grant application and eligibility criteria for the business grant. You can also increase the odds of receiving business grants by applying for more than one grant.

Grants are great source of help for Native American businesses because they have not to be paid back. Also American governments have established various business upgraded standards for grants and financial aids to support the Native American businesses, which should contribute directly to the American economy. Targeted business grants are designed as to assist Native American SMEs. To get this kind of funding, you must be enlisted as a tribal nation. You must be recognized as Native American Tribe.

U.S. Department of Commerce

United States department of Commerce provides different variety of business loans and grants for new American entrepreneurs. Most famous program for funding new local businesses is “zone grant funding”. Department of Commerce establishes geographical area for assistance and coverage of this program. Funding is directly provided by Department of Commerce to a local agency. Therefore, grand funding is provided by local agency to Native American small businesses. Local agency also take care of small businesses established in a specific economic development zone.

Native American Business Enterprises Centers

Special tribal grants are also available for the tribal lands of Native Americans in many states and you are also eligible for them if you own a small business in United States and need funding for that. The tribal-sponsored programs also provide funding to individual entrepreneurs if they are willing to provide their valuable services. Native American Business Enterprise Centers are in different States every year to support small businesses. These funding programs also include Native American tribal lands. Native Business centers of American also support those areas which have been effected economically and need financial assistance. Their core mission is to support businesses of Native Americans and minority-owned business enterprises.

Small Business Administration

If you are Native American and need funding for your small business, Small Business Administration (known as SBA) is best funding association to boost-up your business and achieve highest growth in your targeted market. For those individuals and small businesses who are interested to grow their business large, Small Business Administration offers great variety of loans and grants. SBA provides grant programs for minority which have been created to serve the local American businesses. Small Business Administration has defined minority-owned business like one which is managed by a renowned minority group other than white Americans in United States.

A unique program is helping food, drinks and hospitality business owners with tools which they required to achieve the targets of their small businesses in United States. Various loans which are offered by these companies are relatively low interest rate and competitive with market rats. Various private firms have established their footsteps in United States to support small business organizations through finance and investment advisory services.

Office of Native American Affairs also provided various grants, aids and business loans to Native American entrepreneurs for development and expansion of their businesses. If you are Native Hawaiian or Native Alaskan seeking grants for growth and development of your business, you will get financial support and assistance through its agency entrepreneurship development. Its office is located in Washington, DC and this financial institution has been active since a decade to help American business.

Small Business Administration has also summarized its activities as “3 Cs” of Capital, Contracts and Counseling. SBA loans and granted are provided through banks and various credit lending union United States who are actually partners with SBA. Loans provided by SBA have up to 900 percent guarantee for small businesses after its credit had been fully frozen in 2008. SBA is also leading the investment funds in federal government and contracts for small businesses. Small Business Administration is located in all the American States and offering great counseling, capital and investment services.

The most reliable program of SBA is its loan program, although it doesn’t provide direct loans or grants with exception of disaster loans. However, it offers commercial mortgages on buildings acquisition for businesses. Various Loans Guarantee Programs provided by SBA have helped millions of small American business to grow and greatly contribute to American GDP.

Here are top 25 companies offering funding opportunities for Native American businesses to growth, develop and achieve their targets;

  1. New American Funding
  2. SBA U.S Small business Administration
  3. RLNN Native American Grants
  4. Seven Fund
  5. U.S department of Commerce’s Minority Business Development Agency
  6. Meta Capital Management ,U.S
  7. Pine River Capital Management, U.S
  8. Marathon Asset Management, U.S
  9. Appaloosa Management, U.S
  10. BTG Practual Global Management, U.S
  11. Third Point, U.S
  12. Omega Advisors, U.S
  13. Seer Capital Management, U.S
  14. Tiger Global Management, U.S
  15. Eminence Capital, U.S
  16. Jana Partners, U.S
  17. Structured Portfolio Management, U.S
  18. Citadel Advisors, Citadel Tactical Trading
  19. Viking Global Capital Investors, U.S
  20. Cerberus Capital Management, U.S
  21. LibreMax Capital, U.S
  22. Litespeed Management, U.S
  23. Contrarian Capital Management, U.S
  24. Double Line Capital, U.S
  25. Native American Grants, Scholarships & Training Opportunities – A Dahotra Facebook Group